Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Travelogue: HongKong Check-ins // HongKong I

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Did you miss my outfit posts from HongKong? I featured a number of The Closet Lover outfits that are all coming up this week, and on one of those days, I braved the cold and spent a day out in this ensemble. I couldn't help it; vanity over keeping warm.

The lace peplum top is so sweet, it is perfect for CNY. And it sure goes well with the crochet skirt that has an irregular hemline. I love skirts like that - so characteristic and stylish, you don't even need miracle shoes to make it stand out.

When we are done with CNY and it is okay to wear black again, I will attempt an all-black ensemble with this skirt. But for now, I am missing egg tarts and dim sum... B, when are we going back to Hong Kong?


Photography: Brad Lau @ladyironchef

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Sunday, January 25, 2015


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So, this space was neglected for a while - again. I was not lazy; I was away for almost the whole of January, and as I am penning this draft now, I am waiting to board my flight to HongKong. It has been a while since we last visited the Pearl of The Orient; the previous trip in July doesn't count because it was entirely for work and we did not have a single second to ourselves.

My body has been adjusting to different climates - from extreme heat at Bali, to the humidity to Singapore, then to two days of breeziness at Bangkok followed by the usual unpleasant heat, then back to more heat in Singapore, then to the chilly weather at HongKong. It is little wonder my skin hasn't been at the best of conditions too.

But anyway, done with my rambling. I need to share this dress with you. It has (also) been a while since my last feature for Faire Belle, so I hope you have not forgotten about their line of feminine apparels. Today's installation is a cut-out number that I wore some time last week. A printed blue number that is so alluring and summer-perfect, this dress will be launched later today and just look at why you cannot miss out on it.

Spaghetti straps to accentuate the shoulders and collarbones, cheeky side cut-outs for that touch of fun, flowy chiffon for swirling with femininity, and splashes of blues that compliments any skin tone! This is such a pretty dress, I don't even know how you can say no to it!


Outfit: Geneva Dress, Faire Belle *sponsored* // Heels, Windsor Smith // Birkin 35, Hermes // Pearl Earrings, Zara // Arty Ring, Saint Laurent Paris // Kelly Dog, Hermes

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Photography: Brad Lau @ladyironchef

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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Travelogue: 日本の春 // My Japan Diary Chapter XXI

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Though we were just at Japan two months back, I have been toying with the idea of returning - for selfish reasons, of course. Unfortunately, but fortunately for Brad, our schedule is too full to slot in a trip to Tokyo or so.

So I can only look through my folder of photos from the recent trip, and reminisce the stunning autumn beauty of the scenic Wakayama. The weather was perfect to play dress up without too many layers. No warming leggings, too! This striking ensemble was an easy one to pull off. Nothing too busy, no fussy layers, and a well-cut red trench to top it all off. Added another tinge of red on my bag, and gave myself additional height with a pair of wedge booties that I snagged at a Zara sale.

Now, I miss the grilled seafood-on-stick, picking fresh persimmons from a private farm, and the peaceful countryside vibes that accompanied us through our daily long bus rides.


Outfit: Hamlet Top, Fash Mob // Hamlet Skirt, Fash Mob // Editor's Trench Coat in Red, Fash Mob *sponsored* // Wedge Booties, Zara // Boy Chanel, Chanel // Collier de Chien, Hermes // Arty Ring, Saint Laurent Paris // Shades, Chanel

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Photography: Brad Lau @ladyironchef

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Monday, January 12, 2015

Travelogue: A Rejuvenating Week at U Zenmaya // Phuket V

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"There is a crack in everything; that's how the light gets in."

Lately, I am beginning to appreciate seeing the beauty in the ordinary, and beauty in the imperfections. Tough to put my finger on it, but life becomes pretty pure that way. Often, we imprison ourselves for the mistakes we make, but who does not err? And who is to say we have to be perfect?

This is a gentle reminder to myself, and to one and all that it is okay to be wrong, it is perfectly fine to fall. Allow yourself to be a beginner, because no one started out being perfect. Sharpen your senses with every time you err, and you will soon see the light.


Outfit: Porcelain Monokini, K.Blu Swim

Photography: Brad Lau @ladyironchef

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Friday, January 09, 2015

Unchained Melody

 photo IH5A8703a.jpg  photo IH5A8700a.jpg  photo IH5A8699a.jpg  photo IH5A8697z.jpg  photo IH5A8707a.jpg  photo IH5A8847a.jpg  photo IH5A8860a.jpg  photo IH5A8875a.jpg

All my dreams in one maxi dress - brocade, high slits, mesh, bareback and black. I wear MDS Collections so very often, but this has got to be among my favourites for their year-end series. I saved it for a special Saturday, and I am so thankful B captured so many satisfactory shots for me in this darling of a dress.

When you have a dress like this, there is no need for accessories nor fancy shoes. Keep it simple, and let its elegance speak for itself. Pick a pair of minimalist heels like this simple strappy sandals, and add some oomph with bouncy Japanese curls.

And for all of you who have been asking me, yes, I curl my hair by myself at home. I don't use a curler, but a flat iron straightener instead for better grip and control. That said, I need to be more diligent and to do it more often. I have been too lazy these days that B has been lamenting about how much he misses my curls...


Outfit: Charmaine Maxi Dress, MDS Collections  *sponsored* // Sandals, ASOS // Classic Medium Flap, Chanel // Arty Ring, Saint Laurent Paris // Clic Clac, Hermes

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Photography: Brad Lau @ladyironchef

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Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Travelogue: Heaven on Earth // The Mulia, Bali IX

 photo IH5A1376a.jpg  photo IH5A1380a.jpg  photo IH5A1382a.jpg  photo IH5A1387a.jpg  photo IH5A1390a.jpg  photo IH5A1398a.jpg  photo IH5A1399a.jpg

Because I've gained a little weight lately, and my skin hasn't been in the best conditions, looking at these old photos - especially during my trip to The Mulia when I was at one of my skinniest - makes me so inferior and unconfident.

I need to learn how to say no to chocolates, waffles, chicken rice and roti prata...


Outfit: Yellow Pompom Romper, Azura Swimwear, Beach Bag, Azura Swimwear

Azura Swimwear can be found at most Robinsons' outlets, and Royal Sporting House at Tanglin Mall.

Photography: Brad Lau @ladyironchef

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