17 Mar, 2015

Travelogue: The One and Only Sri panwa // Phuket III

That state of solitude, I crave. That ethereal moment with all the beauty around me, I wish to hold on to. That soft caress of the wind and fleeting Marilyn Monroe moments; I indulge in. That liberating freedom of walking on sunshine with flowers in my head; I cherish. Oh, how I’ve loved you, Sri

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11 Mar, 2015

Luxury is Trust

“Luxury is most intangible. It is the liberation that is earned through years of striving. We don’t just work for a monthly salary; we work for a future of financial freedom, freedom of time and emotional freedom – and these are the liberation that we should spend our lives luxuriating in. And this can only

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08 Mar, 2015

Travelogue: The One and Only Sri panwa // Phuket I

It was extremely hard to bade goodbye to Sri panwa, our favourite playground in Phuket. The property never fails to impress, and every corner is a photo spot. I can’t help but spam my Instagram timeline with the many photos we took.  You have no idea how excited I was when I first learned of our

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02 Mar, 2015

My Love Story Chapter IX

Lately, I am beginning to appreciate seeing the beauty in the ordinary, and beauty in the imperfections. Tough to put my finger on it, but life becomes pretty pure that way. Often, we imprison ourselves for the mistakes we make, but who does not err? And who is to say we have to be perfect?

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