Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Some Sexy Tribal

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Some overdue outfit photos again, but style is eternal, right?

This is my most flattering midi dress yet. The irregular tribal print was love at first sight for me! The cut gives the illusion of slender silhouette, and the unique V-neck metal underwire adds such a sexy touch. Plus, there is a subtle back slit too.

When you have a statement dress like this, you really don't need anything else. It is a show-stopping piece on its own, but I have a penchant for jazzing my ensembles up with some gold touches, hence the small pieces of jewelries and my trusty red Saint Laurent.

"We are all of us stars, and we deserve to twinkle," says Marilyn Monroe.


Outfit: Tribal Bodycon Dress, MDS Collections *sponsored* // Heels, The Closet Lover // Tasseled Satchel, Saint Laurent Paris // Leather Strap, Balenciaga // Necklace, Gorjana // Arty Ring, Saint Laurent Paris // Earrings, Swarovski

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Photography: Brad Lau @ladyironchef

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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Come Fly With Me

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I was feeling really down and stressed up one of those days last week. We stole some time in between our meetings and took a stroll by the beach; the peace and quiet was all that I had needed. We have been visiting beaches in our region, but we forgot the fact that we actually have a pretty neat one here in our own homeland.

Strolling through the tall palm trees and feeling the breeze with every step taken, my moods were lifted and I ended up twirling in front of the camera. Well, my outfit happened to be most appropriate. I had kept this printed maxi that dear Rach sent to me earlier this month, and had wanted to bring it to Japan. But I am glad I saved it, because memories of that afternoon wouldn't have been captured as meaningfully if not for the the soft caress of the wind that made me twirl with so much happiness and liberation.

Thank you for dressing me once again, Fash Mob!


Outfit: White Bralet, Hollyhoque // Perry Maxi Skirt, Fash Mob *sponsored* // Sandals, Ellysage // Bangle, H&M x Isabel Marant // Charms Bracelet, Pandora // Leather Bracelet, Balenciaga // Arty Ring, Saint Laurent Paris

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Photography: Brad Lau @ladyironchef

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Thursday, November 20, 2014


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So after many months of searching high and low, this baby is finally mine. The process of finding the perfect one in my ideal leather and color has brought about so much laughter and joy to me and my friends, and it makes owning my first Birkin even more memorable.

I am so lucky to always have B spoil me so incredibly much. And, to my entourage of 5 friends who walked miles with me just to get my hands on this bag, thank you!

And now, I am really drooling over the Blue Paradise... that new color is way too delicious!

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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Travelogue: A Rejuvenating Week at U Zenmaya // Phuket IV

 photo IH5A4405a.jpg  photo IH5A4358a.jpg  photo IH5A4360a.jpg  photo IH5A4354a.jpg  photo IH5A4380a.jpg  photo IH5A4370a.jpg  photo IH5A4373a.jpg  photo IH5A4342a.jpg  photo IH5A3613a.jpg  photo IH5A4399a.jpg  photo IH5A4398a.jpg  photo IH5A4384a.jpg  photo IH5A4387a.jpg

A series that I really love but never had the chance to share it here, today's post will be short and sweet. Still photos of me by the waters, because that is when I feel most at ease, and when my heart embraces peace and serenity.

Lately, I came across a motivational article that left me mulling over it for hours. There was a paragraph that brought about some much needed strength, and no matter how cliche people think quotes are, I stand to believe they act as healing powers for our minds and souls.

With that, "Overcoming challenges not only bring us closer to our goals, but they turn us into someone we never imagined existed. Don't be afraid to conquer fears and to enter new territory, step out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself. In the midst of adversity courage is born."


Photography: Brad Lau @ladyironchef

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Sunday, November 16, 2014


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My hair is at its longest for as long as I remember. I had been subjecting them to countless chemical treatments that my ends were always dry and out of frustration, I always snipped them off. Each visit to the salon would see me with at least two inches down, but I haven't had this problem lately because Shunji Matsuo takes such good care of my tresses.

They are very smooth and silky now, especially after a recent 5-step Shiseido treatment. Just one session and I can see the difference. Split ends are minimized, and my hair shines.

And for a recent client's dinner that I had to attend, I left my tresses in the care of my trusty stylist, Eddie. He touched up my roots too, and had my hair styled with a tousled crown and low ponytail. It got me nothing but praises.

Really enjoying my long and smooth hair now, and I cannot wait to head back to Shunji Matsuo for another pampering treatment!


Outfit: Cut-out Toga Maxi, Boohoo // Sandals, Proenza Schouler // Boy Chanel, Chanel // Teardrop Earrings, Swarovski // Arty Ring, Saint Laurent Paris // Necklace, Christian Dior


Shunji Matsuo
313 @ Somerset
313 Orchard Road, #03-26, Singapore 238895

Call 6238-0226 for appointments.

Quote "Melody Yap" for a 10% off chemical treatments. 


Photography: Brad Lau @ladyironchef

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Friday, November 14, 2014


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More than excited to be sharing a second installation for Theory of Seven, one of my favourite local brands. They always excite with their sassy apparels, and nothing is overly expensive so you can still turn heads with a manageable budget!

Have you shopped their latest collection? It is a fair mix of elegant dresses, easy-to-match separates, and my favourite of them all - this floral printed romper. Such a stunner it is! The digital print blew me away. I have a couple of digitally-printed pieces in my wardrobe, but this stands out for its one-of-a-kind blues and purples. The tulip-like sleeves are pretty cute, and the micro length completes with a flirty touch.

With a statement piece like this, you don't even need accessories. But being the accessory junky (well, sort of) I am, I just had to layer my bracelets. My Jimmy Choo's are out to play too, because an outfit like this is more than befitting of my precious suede sandals.

I can't wait to see what Theory of Seven has in store for me next!


Outfit: Altonia Floral Printed Romper, Theory of Seven *sponsored* // Suede Sandals, Jimmy Choo // Boy Chanel, Chanel // Shades, Versace // Pearl Earrings, Zara // Leather Bracelet, Balenciaga // Charms Bracelet, Pandora // Bangle, H&M x Isabel Marant // Rings, H&M

Quote "TO7XMELODY" for a 5% discount off regular-priced items, valid till 30 Nov 2014. Also, like Theory of Seven on Facebook and follow them on Instagram for previews of new arrivals.

Photography: Brad Lau @ladyironchef

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