For so long now, everyone has been asking me, "How do you stay so slim despite eating so much?"
The truth is, I was very fat before. Now, this is very subjective. Some time last week, I wrote a post on Ladyironchef on the tips to stay slim without exercising, and I was slammed by many on Instagram. Many claimed that I was advocating model-weight kind of thin, and that I was a bad influence because I said that I was 52kg and 52kg was fat.
But did I really mean that, or did you choose to interpret it that way? By my standard and frame, 52kg was a massive ballooning, and it was my fattest period. Sure, that weight may be a norm for many, and there will be people who are heavier than 52kg and they are healthy. That's good for them, but not for me.
A little background info might help before you develop more misconceptions, so here are some hideous photos to share before I go on. It took me many days of hesitation before I finally decide to share:
 photo D3C_5557s.jpg  photo mel3-1.jpg  photo D3C_6357s.jpg
I. WAS. FAT. ZERO PHOTOSHOP! I didn't even brighten the photos.
Get it? Based on my height, based on my lifestyle, this was unacceptable. I weighed 52kg, I wore L-size clothes, I had a fat percentage of 25%, and I lived with very unhealthy habits. To reiterate, I was fat and unhealthy, and that could not go on. 
Exercise was part of the slimming down process, and in case you are wondering, I used to jog twice a week, each time clocking 5km under 30 minutes. It was the intensity that worked for me, but I do not want to talk about exercise because it is relative and very dependent on individual. Find your own, and seek professional advice if you need.
What I want to share is how I disciplined myself with healthy lifestyle habits during the process of slimming down, and still practising them till today. While exercising for a stronger body is essential (yes, I agree and I dance + do yoga), daily lifestyle habits are vital. Sustenance is hard, and I never want to go back to looking that way again. So I live by those rules that I had shared, and by penning them all down, my only goal is to motivate girls of all kinds - whatever your weight or size is.
To all of you who are genuinely interested, I hope my guide will help you. And with this post, with these blackmail-worthy photos, I just want to tell all of you that having been through that phase personally, I know exactly how it feels like to be fat, to never be able to fit into nice clothes without looking like a dumpling, to be laughed at constantly, to feel demoralized, and to be overwhelmed by inferiority complex.
I know, I really understand how that feels, because I have really been there before. And I hope I serve as a motivation to all of you now. No matter how tough it is, I promise you that if you follow these rules of mine, you will see results sooner than you'd expect.
Meanwhile, I will not entertain any nasty comments nor criticism. I am honestly very happy with my progress and health now, and to me, that is more important than looking good in a bikini. For sincere followers and supporters who have left me kind comments (on my Instagram, on Ladyironchef's website and through direct emails), thank you.
Once again, to read more about my tips on weight loss and staying slim without exercising, click here.
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