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It has been so long. A minute can change lives, and being away from this space for more than a month meant my life is different from when I last spoke to you.

Many times, I wonder if anyone still comes to this space - to check for updates, to find an outfit they like, or to simply share their boredom with me as I blabber on. You see, I am not a blogger, because I can never find the discipline to plant myself in front of the laptop every day to create content. At least, not for this space.

I created this website for the very basic objective of documenting my outfits and sharing snippets of my travels, and it is by miracles that all of you started taking notice of me and the way I dress, and the places I go to. So much so that you gave me the chance to be more expressive, to advise, and to influence. For that, I am ashamed of never being diligent enough.

Today's post will not have me sharing any of my usual content. I only want to take the time to remind myself to always be kind, and to give thanks for this life I am blessed with. The world is in a mess, and we cannot go to sleep thinking we will wake up safe and sound tomorrow.

We are all humans, and it is our responsibility to be kind and compassionate. Through everyday contexts in life, we learn of the importance to be kind, and we practice kindness because that is what makes the world go round. Yet, it is the saddest thing to know that we can fight each other. This weekend, innocent lives were taken, cities and towns were shaken, families broken, and those heartaches will live on forever.

My heart goes out to all the deceased and affected families, and it made me say a thousand more prayers for all whom I love and care about. It is in this solidarity that we must all grow as one, and stay even stronger as one. There is no space in the world to tolerate hatred and massacres.