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I am in a desperate need of a resort vacation. Our last trip took us to Point Yamu by Como at Phuket, and that oasis is beautiful beyond words.

Reminiscing happy times at the insanely photogenic resort while clearing up some work tonight; this is why I love spending on experiences. I love how memories of my travels always keep me going through tough times, and there is always something to live for - new places, new experiences, new culture, new food, new everything.

We have been more than swamped in the last few months that it is not even funny. My next vacation seems so far away, but more so, the Big Day is nearing and we have to be more prudent with our travels. With so many things to see to and all that's going on, traveling once a month seems like a fleeting idea altogether now.

I guess I can only continue looking through my many folders of photos every night and to talk to you guys here whenever I need a distraction from work. And wedding planning. Which I need to get started on.