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So I am in my third day of recovery from lasik, and everything's really great so far. I love waking up to perfect vision, and I am really grateful for this newfound freedom.
I am not the best person to advise on lasik procedures and suitability, but I can tell you that while it may not be the cheapest thing to buy, it would be one investment that gives you the best returns in the most intangible ways.
In this day and age, lasik has become so advanced that the risk is most minimal. It is a painless procedure, and it takes only 5-10mins. While your eyes may be clamped open (with a harmless suction ring) throughout the procedure, you really will not feel anything poking your eyes because you will be given anesthesia. Trust me, I was so frightened by the thought of it that I couldn't sleep the night before, but the actual thing was swiftly and skillfully done.
Not everyone is suitable for lasik, though. I was denied twice last year, because my cornea was too thin due to prolonged wearing of contact lens. There is a pre-lasik consultation that everyone must go through to assess your suitability, and you are required to be off your contact lens for at least a week to regulate your vision. I took a month because of my condition, but it differs from one individual to another. Also, if you are pregnant or are on long-term medication that affects the hormones, you would need to put that to a stop and give yourself three months before you are ready for the check. Have the professionals advise you on this. The numerous tests might cause a bit of discomfort, though. Especially when they dilate your pupils - it might paralyze your vision for half a day or so.
So if you are suitable for lasik, you are not to wear contact lens 5 days prior to the surgery. And you must not wear makeup on the surgery day too. You need not fast, though.
The post-lasik feeling is one that leaves your eyes feeling raw and sensitive, but still painless. I experienced discomfort when sunlight streamed in to my windows for the first two days, and had to wear my shades even when I was just sitting around at home. But that is normal, and it happens to most people. Your vision would inevitably be blurry - some people regain clarity by the first night, some on the second day, and others may take up to one week. But this is also normal. The mandatory check on the following day (one day after your lasik) will have the doctor advise you on your condition and recovery progress.
The first six hours of recovery is crucial, and you must not subject your eyes to glaring screens (like laptop and TV), and you have to adhere strictly to the frequency of which you must lubricate your eyes with the prescribed eye drops. Try to not take long naps as it will cause dryness in the eyes. Actually, there was nothing much I could do and I was bored stiff, but I took that as an opportunity to just free my mind and rest.
And thereafter, the joy and freedom you get from perfect vision is one so liberating that you'd look back and find every effort taken so worth the while.
There are many authorized professionals out there who can perform lasik. I did mine at SGH, but I am not in the best position to speak for them nor endorse them. Just go for one that you are comfortable with, one that you have heard recommendations of, or one that you have had family and friends who did theirs at.
With this, I hope you have a better perspective of lasik and hesitate no more if you've been wanting to get yours done!
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