photo IH5A0640a.jpg  photo IH5A0639a.jpg  photo IH5A0636a.jpg  photo IH5A0657a.jpg  photo IH5A0655a.jpg  photo IH5A0648a.jpg  photo IH5A0649a-1.jpg  photo IH5A0659a.jpg  photo IH5A0658a.jpg So after many months of searching high and low, this baby is finally mine. The process of finding the perfect one in my ideal leather and colour has brought about so much laughter and joy to me and my friends, and it makes owning my first Birkin even more memorable. I am so lucky to always have B spoil me so incredibly much. And, to my entourage of 5 friends who walked miles with me just to get my hands on this bag, thank you! And now, I am really drooling over the Blue Paradise... that new colour is way too delicious!