photo IH5A6189a.jpg  photo IH5A6197a.jpg  photo IH5A6195a.jpg  photo IH5A6191a.jpg  photo IH5A6232a.jpg  photo IH5A6205a.jpg  photo IH5A6222a.jpg  photo IH5A6219a.jpg Lately, a series of unfortunate events happened to my girlfriend, and her confidence had since been shaken. She doubted herself, and she felt bad about who she is. And it led me to appreciate a quote so much, "Your value doesn't decrease based on someone's inability to see your worth."   It reminds me (and her) about how important it is to believe in ourselves, to recognize our own worth and to never forget what we deserve. People may belittle us, people may hurt us, but it is so important to believe in ourselves - and when we do, we are halfway there.   I did not use to be a very confident person myself, but over the years of growing up through different experiences in life, I have learned that it is more important to feel good about yourself from within than to impress others and to earn their approval.   Just hold on tight to your belief(s), because everything else is secondary.

Outfit: Gems Ashore Bikini, K.Blu Swim