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I'd never say no to monochromatic ensembles. They transcend seasons and trends, and they are Classy and Fabulous, like Coco Chanel would say.
Today's installation features an outfit from Grasiva, and be very excited about the fairy-like skirt that is fully embroidered. Not your ordinary skirt, this piece comes with a sassy asymmetrical detail, and the fine embroidery depicts femininity and grace in the form of dainty little flowers. I picked a basic black top to match, one with a classic crew neck and slightly padded shoulders. The soft material is just the right piece for this skirt, and together, this ensemble takes me from work meetings to an evening shopping session.
I kept everything else understated. Accessories remain silver and black based, and brought my Red Boy out to play. It sure stands out alongside the gorgeous skirt!

Outfit: Chris Basic Top, Grasiva // Rocha Embroidered Skirt, Grasiva // Sandals, Zara // Boy Chanel, Chanel // Necklace, Random // Arty Ring, Saint Laurent Paris // Leather Strap, Balenciaga // Earrings, Chanel