For missing you so incredibly much,
for seeing Venice and Prague with you,
for all the crazy shopping and eating,
for sheer impulsiveness,
for following my heart,
for Love.



I decided that in life, we would be a lot happier if we were to just follow our hearts and do what makes us happy, what we really want. So this afternoon, I booked really last minute tickets to fly out this Saturday night. And it really made me inexplicably elated. I have so much to say, but words can never articulate this excitement and fulfilment in me.

See you in Rome on Sunday, Baby! I miss you more than you can ever imagine, and I have so much to tell you!

(Here's Baby Duffy at Nestle's nutritional centre at Vevey.)


"Dare if you want to, don't fear you will fall. Take a chance because it is better than never chance it at all."
~Cinderella II

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