THANK YOU ALL FOR THE OVERWHELMING RESPONSE!!!In my previous selling post, I received over a hundred emails, and most of the items were sold within 5 minutes by very sincere Chanel lovers. Thank you once again for the support; we are really appreciative of that. :')

And for those who got a late reply, I am truly sorry you did not get the item(s) you wanted, because I had to reply my emails and give priority according to those who sent me first.

Meanwhile, before I take a break and hunt for more, here is a new batch of accessories - mostly seasonal pretties that are hardly available in Asia. They are rare costume jewelries that are elegant and of better embellishments, hence the steeper price tags.

#7 - Gold Leaf with Pearl - S$420

 photo GoldLeafwithPearl.jpg

#8 - Gold Classic with Pearl - S$350
   photo GoldClassicwithPearl.jpg

#9 - Blue Metallic with Gold Accents and Pearl - S$450

   photo BlueMetallicwithgoldaccentsnecklace.jpg

#10 - Pink Metallic with Gold Accents and Pearl - S$450

    photo PinkMetallicwithgoldaccentsnecklace.jpg

#11 - White with Gold Flower Necklace - S$400

   photo Whiteflowernecklace.jpg

Should you be keen to purchase any of these, do drop me an email [[email protected]]. Kindly indicate clearly the number and the name of the item(s) so that it speeds up my process of replying and helping you in securing a piece.

As usual, the fastest hands get them first. And, just a note that they are all brand new in box! :)

"Fashion changes, but style endures."
~Coco Chanel

Photography: Brad Lau @ladyironchef

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