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After a long night's recuperation, we were up and about to discover more of the mysterious city. I don't know about you, but Amsterdam gives me mixed vibes - a little bit of ancient, a little bit of quiet, a little bit of bustling, and sometimes a little bit of exciting. Every turn is uncannily similar, yet every corner seems to have a different something to offer.

Day 2 at Amsterdam was another fulfilling day. We took a morning stroll by the canal, and we made a trip to the Hermitage Museum to appreciate Van Gogh's exhilarating display of his life's best works. I am not quite a painting person, but his works spoke to my heart and I was particularly connected to the Japanese series. Maybe because I am an unofficial Japanese. :P

We went to a nursery off the city, and had lunch at this quaint glasshouse restaurant that is beautifully nestled within. It was such a stunning place - monochrome furniture with wooden touches, high ceilings and glass panels with sun rays streaming in, cerulean glasses and polished silver cutleries to complement our colorful dishes that were prepared with fresh ingredients from the nursery itself, and little glasses of white wine to warm us up from the sub-zero temperature outside; that marks our best lunch in Amsterdam, and one that I will always remember vividly.

The remaining afternoon was spent exploring the local Albert Cuypstraat Market, where rows after rows of stalls excited us with their diverse offerings - fresh seafood, farm produce, dried meat, french fries served with a thousand sauces, luggages, mobile accessories, apparels, toiletries, furniture... it was so fun to discover little whatnots along this stretch.

With these, my opinion of Amsterdam changed. It is little wonder this spot in the world is fast becoming a favorite tourist destination.


Outfit: Hot Pink Turtleneck (worn underneath), Milan // Navy Cowl-neck Knit Tunic, H&M // Coat, Esprit // Stockings, HongKong // Leather Boots, Random // Nylon Tote, Prada // Gloves, H&M // Arty Ring, Yves Saint Laurent

Photography: Brad Lau @ladyironchef

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