It had always been a wish to revisit London after my first 8 years ago. Everything in London is almost all too familiar - the food, the renown shopping streets, the areas that we see on Monopoly (don't deny, because this happens to everyone who has a childhood), the hallmark musicals, the language, the London Bus, the Big Ben... everything in London is so close to heart.

Italy and England are my favorite countries in Europe. Having been on a little tour to Italy a few months ago is nothing short of gratifying, and now, being right here at London feels even more surreal. As I am writing this, it is actually my last night, and every part of me is more than reluctant to leave. My next stop is Paris, and though I can't wait to stuff my face in macarons and pastries and bury myself in all the Chanel boutiques, I really haven't quite gotten enough of London yet. There are still so many places to go to, so many shops, so many restaurants, so many musicals to watch; I need to stay here for a month or so.

Oh, how I love you so, London!

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The night we arrived was a horrifically dramatic one. We missed our train by a split second, and were left stranded out in the cold, with the next train being 30 minutes later. And we could only settle ourselves on the floor, gobbling on Marks & Spencer's takeouts to fill our rumbling tummies, while shivering with frozen hands that were all too red by the time we were done with our sandwiches. And because London's winter is the mother of all winters, we had to open up our luggages upon arriving at St. Pancras station (where we put up at Pullman Hotel) to pile on more clothes before we braved the merciless cold and set out on a 10-minutes walk to the hotel. It could have been less than 5 minutes actually, but because we were new to the area, we stupidly walked the perimeter of the large interchange station.

But it was so memorable a night, so memorable a welcome to my favorite city, and I really wouldn't change a thing - because waking up and breathing London is more than I can ever hope for.

There is something inexplicably and magically characteristic about the city. Despite its bone chilling winter that had us downing a copious amount of tea - just about my only gripe about London - we settled in pretty quickly.

With every trip we make, we attempt with our best to see ourselves as visitors living in the city, instead of being mere tourists. On our first day, I went a little crazy with the grocery shopping at Marks & Spencer - I would choose to think that I was living life like an English by drinking the same juice, and eating the same Hot Crossed Buns as they do. And we spent our afternoons at Michelin Stars-rated restaurants, and cosy cafes and hip bars at Soho.

My heart is bursting with glee and gratitude now as I reminisce my stay here. But all I want to do on my last night here, is to cuddle in bed with B as we remind ourselves how lucky we are to have seen this part of the world.

Till I share more about London next!

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Outfit: Leather Colourblock Blazer in White, Hollyhoque // Black Skorts, Taipei // Red Tights, HongKong // Leather Boots, Taipei // Red Glitter Snood, Six Accessories // BaoBao in White, Issey Miyake // Gold Hoop Earrings, Six Accessories // Gloves, H&M

Photography: Brad Lau @ladyironchef

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