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Of cloudy afternoons, occasional breeze, graffiti walls, steep slopes, random alleys and forlorn spaces, quirky lifestyle boutiques, coffee pitstops and my favourite companions, this long pictorial post features the highlights of my favourite day at HongKong.

It was a fun-filled one, very simple and nothing fanciful in particular, but enough to keep my heart warm and contented. Times like these, with hearty chats and the familiarity of Central/ Sheung Wan that I love so much, I cherish.


Outfit: Stripes Boatneck Top, Zara // Made of Pleats Skorts, The Closet Lover // Montreal Parka, Fash Mob // Leather Boots, Zara // Kelly 32, Hermes // Arty Ring, Saint Laurent Paris // Collier de Chien, Hermes //