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Needless to say, I am missing London again. My favourite city, ever. And though I have just visited, I want to return again so so so badly. Can I just dump everything I need to do, dump all my commitments and responsibilities, dump all my worries and stress, and just hop on to a plane and fly to London?
Tonight, I was re-watching a favorite HongKong Drama, and because a big part of the show was filmed in London, it tugged my heartstrings even more and made me so emotional. And it does not help that for the past few days, the 2014 VS show has been on my mind. For the first time ever, it will be held in London, and Cara DeLevingne might do the walk and earn her wings! At first, I had wondered, "Oh, what I would pay to watch the show of the year!" Only to have the Bestie step in to the Bond Street outlet earlier this afternoon to enquire for me, and the answer is a scary "package starts from £1,1000..."
My hopes were dashed in an instant.
I guess I can only rely on pictures to relive the memories. Reminiscing one of those random mornings we had from our recent trip - of coffee and very good breakfast at Lantana, and an impromptu stroll along Palace of Westminster. The skies are not always blue over at the Great Britain, but there is beauty everywhere.
Some day, just some day, B and I will run away and find ourselves lost in those Brit streets and hoods, and we would spend our loving days at London, merry-making over scones and tea and exploring every single wonder.