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Patong Beach is quite unlike other beaches that I had visited in Thailand. The population here is significantly more dense, and things are a lot pricier, too. Dubbed as the 'tourists' destination', it is indeed a bit too touristy for our liking, though we would not say no to good Thai food. The shop mix is interesting in different ways (both good and bad), and we lost count of the number of bars (lots of dirty ones, in case you are wondering) that we walked past - so we transited from being stunned/ appalled/ disgusted to being zen. "Nothing much, just another one of those," we thought, "It's Phuket, it's Patong Beach."
Not too sure if we would return, because we really prefer other quieter beaches that are not bastardized with commercialization, but here are a few postcards and some shots of my summer casuals. I have nothing but big love for The Closet Lover's skorts. They are always the go-to brand for skorts, and I own a whole collection of them, with this pleated number being among the prettiest. The shade of hot pink is so hard to resist, yes? And the chiffon palm prints top is another keeper. I love lightweight and fuss-free pieces like these that do not require any accessorizing - just the right kind of outfits you would pack for a beach holiday.

Outfit: TCL Palm Print Top, The Closet Lover (upcoming) // TCL Steph Pleated Skorts, The Closet Lover // Wedged Flip-flops, Havainas // Metallic Sling Bag, Bimba & Lola // Skulls Bracelet, Lovisa // Shades, Gucci