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Eyelash extensions are life savers and all my friends would know by now how I cannot live without them. I have been wearing them for almost two years now, and I cannot go back to how life was before. They make me look ever ready to head out, and makeup time is significantly reduced. I can sleep in a bit more, and even on days that I am running late, I won't need more than five minutes to prep my face for a day out.
Have you ever wondered how I still look prim and presentable when at the beach or in a pool? And how I can look pretty even when doing yoga? I am also done with runny makeup and having to scramble around with falling eyelashes. I am almost always photo-ready, too.
For the uninitiated, eyelash extensions are not permanent. They are pretty much like having false lashes on, except that they stay on for about 3-5 weeks - depending from person to person. Trust only trained therapists to put them on for you.
I have mine done at Milly's, and it starts from S$55. The price varies, but the kinds that I usually wear are black clusters, with a mixture of 8mm and 10mm lengths. Xiaoyue and Yan are the only ones I trust. They are patient, they are kind, and they always listen. Let them know your preference and your usual makeup style(s), and they will customize a pair for you. All my friends go to them!
So, here goes. I am going to answer all the frequently asked questions. All that you need to know about my experience and how to take care of your extensions, I will have them summarized for you.
Is it painful or uncomfortable?
- They may not be the most comfortable for first-timers, and if you opt for the cluster one, you might be irritated by the "shade" above your eye - especially when you blink. But it will all be fine after some getting used to, and yes, getting extensions done and having extensions on are completely painless. The only discomfort I feel is the stingy after-effect from the glue. It is harmless, don't worry, but it is normal to sting for about 5-10 minutes. Contact lens wearer will not get this problem because the lens act as a protective layer and you will not be affected by the glue at all.
How long does the process take?
- It is a swift 15-20 minutes, depending on how dramatic and thick you want yours to be. But the removal will take slightly longer, usually 30-40 minutes. No pain, too.
What are the differences?
- They usually come in two forms - single and cluster. The former is for a natural look, usually softer in texture, but does not last as long; the latter is my favourite for its dramatic effect. And with the latter, I do not even need to draw my eyes with my usual gel liner, because the darkness of the cluster lashes are stuck so closely and it looks like my eyes are lined. 
Is the glue harmful and will the lashes cause my original ones to fall off?
- No and yes. The glue is completely safe and harmless - tried and tested on even the most sensitive eyelids. As for affecting your original lashes, well, your own ones will fall inevitably. Not a lot, though. But it is recommended to have breaks in between sets. I am really too dependent on it, so I only rest my lashes once every 4-5 months. Thankfully enough, mine are fine and they don't drop a lot. But it would be good if you let yours rest once every 2 months or so, and apply lash serum on your bare lashes.
Can I still apply eye makeup?
- Yes, but I hardly do. Eyeshadows are not a problem, just as long as you are careful when removing them. The color pigments might fall on the lash extensions, so if you are applying with a brush, tap the brush lightly before application so as to prevent the loose pigments from falling on the extensions. However, removing of eye makeup will affect the longevity of your extensions, especially if the rubbing is too hard and if you use oil-based removers. Which is also why I do not prefer applying eye makeup, not even eyeliner. And I still look fine.
What can I do to make them last longer?
- As a general rule of thumb, no rubbing of your eyes no matter what. Removing of eye makeup will affect its longevity as mentioned, especially eyeliners. It is preferable to not even have direct contact with water, but I am a clean freak so I still need to splash water in my face with every shower. What you can do is to wipe your eyelids gently with a wet towel. If you perspire during exercise, towel off as soon as you can. And, this may sound silly, but when you encounter strong winds, put on a pair of shades. You will thank me for this tip, I guarantee.

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