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Yet another beautiful memory from Bali, the world's favourite Indonesian island. This time, we were hosted by the wonderful Conrad Bali team and boy, were we really pampered by their hospitality!
We felt so at home at the huge property, and spent so much time in the clear blue waters. Exploring includes kicking off our footwear and being liberated, and climbing on to bridges for a Garypeppergirl-inspired photo.
Of course, not forgetting one of my favourite local labels, Fash Mob. This red swing dress with precise embellishments sure make a good contrast against the tropical setting. I cannot wait to share more photos from the trip and I promise to be diligent in updating this space.

Outfit: Embellished Swing Dress in Red, Fash Mob // Studded Wristlet, Zara // Shades, Gucci // Pearl Earrings, Zara