photo IH5A9932z.jpg  photo IH5A9928z.jpg  photo IH5A9917z.jpg  photo IH5A9931z.jpg You might remember seeing this outfit on my Instagram, and it is one of my favourite rompers by MDS Collections already. Every bit pretty and flattering, this is a keeper!
On a separate note, I am so happy that Instagram is finally clearing up all the spam bot accounts. They have been around for longer than they should be, and though the clean-up will take up some and there will still be companies creating even more fake accounts, it is a good reminder to everyone that integrity is key. You can deny that you paid for the boost in your stats, you can talk about how you are oh-so-popular, but the truth will prevail, and at times as such, you are nothing but a laughing stock.
Someone once maligned me of buying followers and cheating my advertisers with a projected figure - I did not argue with her, not because I had nothing to defend myself, but because I just could not be bothered. With this, I cannot help but heave a happy sigh of relief, because my numbers did not plunge and it proves how my integrity is rooted.
Have a happy weekend! And to all my genuine supporters and readers: thank you, thank you and thank you.