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This post came a bit late, but my belief is deeply rooted.

I am White, and will wear white proudly - always. Singapore is where I grew up and live in, and I am so proud to call this sunny island my Home. We may be small, but we shine bright. Singapore's recent General Elections 2015 is concluded with PAP winning 83 seats in Parliament, and their remarkable landslide victory gives us great hope; Singapore will continue to prosper and thrive under the leadership of Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong.

And as a humble Singaporean, I thank every single hardworking minister and MP of PAP for dedicating your lives to improving the lives of us Singaporeans. We shall move forward as one - to SG100 and beyond.

PM Lee will lead Singapore forward with his wisdom and dedication. Majulah, PAP! White is our colour, and I am a proud supporter.