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So much to say, yet the most powerful words lie in my silence.

Lately, I am reminded of the importance to be humble, honest and genuine. Because I was brought up by parents who would be lenient with almost anything except cheating and being greedy. I am very imperfect but I am perfectly fine with it. And all I want is to celebrate contentment, a clear conscious and peace in my heart.
"Social comparison is the thief of happiness. You could spend a lifetime worrying about what others have, but it wouldn't get you anything."
The society is a complex place, with all sorts of people to deal with. Some are godsends while some are not to keep, but I have always believed that good or bad, everyone comes into our lives for a reason or two. The good bless us with priceless friendships and precious memories; the bad serve as lessons and self-reminders in ways that you would never imagine.
And for one, we should never ever make use of friends and family who stand by us - this, I drill in myself every waking moment. When people shower us with love, it is a sacred act that we must never take for granted; when people weather storms with us, know that it is unconditional and we should take a bullet for them too. And it is always better to give than receive. We get more joy from giving too, isn't it?
A recent adversity had me realizing just how ugly humans can be. Talk is cheap and lies are free, but to trade your conscious in return is a debt you can never repay. But life is fair in certain ways, and after a hurricane comes a rainbow; the truth will come to light and the honest will always be favored. I am grateful for all the concern and words of encouragement, even more so for all the lessons that I take home with me, for I will constantly remind myself to never become detestable in the most despicable and incorrigible ways.
To one and all who always take time to check this space for my humble posts, to every single sincere soul who wrote touching notes to me: thank you, thank you, and thank you.