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Day 1 at Amsterdam includes getting confused by the endless canals, hunting down one of the oldest Brown Cafes for piping hot tomato soup and comforting meatball sandwich, eating fries with awesome Joppiesaus sauce, strolling through parks with withered trees, wrapping our faces with our scarves to shield the strong wind, leaving Chanel disappointed because the bag I wanted is completely sold out, exploring the famous red-light district and being terribly grossed out by most of the "displays" and (real) acts we saw, and getting back to the hotel while walking past numerous quirky sex shops with toys so shocking that left us scrambling for adjectives to describe.

It was quite a day, quite an experience, though Amsterdam in Winter is really a bore actually. From my memory, Amsterdam is a vast bed of tulips in all sorts of beautiful colors, windmills and clogs, and cheese factories. The weather forecast tells me it will snow today, and though I am enthralled about seeing snow again, I am not looking forward to the bitter coldness.

I guess this gives me another reason to return to Amsterdam again - definitely in Spring or Summer next.


Outfit: Blue Knitwear, H&M // Suede Pants, Milan // Coat, Esprit // Leather Boots, Taipei // Nylon Tote, Prada // Tasselled Scarf, ASOS // Arty Ring, Yves Saint Laurent

Photography: Brad Lau @ladyironchef

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