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Since February this year, I've been out in the sun a lot, living the resort life frequently and enjoying the liberation of being in summer casuals and bikinis.

I used to be really fair, and really obsessed about being fair. You have no idea how much sunblock I'd slather on myself. Somewhere along the way, God knows what happened but I gave up.  That probably explains my much darker skin tone now, but I am actually loving it! Friends who saw me recently after not meeting me for a while were all in shock at how "black" I am; well, even my mother randomly exclaimed one morning that I am so, so tanned.

But, what do you think? Don't you think the darker skin tone gives me a healthier glow? And I am secretly rejoicing because being tanned means looking slimmer. I need to create that illusion because I've been eating way too much and the number on my weighing scale keeps going up...