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Just one of those days that I am swamped with work and my mind naturally starts wandering off to places that I'd rather be at. And I haven't been saying it much, because I thought of all people, I do not have the rights to say, but - I miss Japan and I think I need a trip back already.

I made two trips to Japan last year and there are no plans to revisit for 2015 yet, so here's doing some reminiscing with a set of simple set of photos from one of those days exploring the coast of Mie. Actually, not so simple with such a picturesque sight, yes?

And those knee-high boots. I know you love them too. I got them from Oscar de la Renta. Till I can afford their stunning dresses, this sexy pair of boots will feed my muse for now, and give me a last piece of memory of the great man whose demise is most unfortunate.