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Some time in March, B and I took a quick trip to Taipei for Panasonic. It was a regional launch for the Lumix GF7, what we now think of as our daily necessity. It is such an amazing compact camera that we carry it everywhere we go now, and we make no trips without it anymore.

In between the events and dinners, we were lucky enough to find time to roam around and explore the Taiwanese city that we haven't been to for the last three years or so. It had been a while and we've missed the familiarity. I am still not a fan of the massive Chinese wordings everywhere, and I still cannot order my food without B's help, but I can see why Taipei is so well-loved.

And of course, the glutton in me had to satisfy my crazy Sadaharu Aoki craving. A pity it wasn't the season for the passionfruit eclair, my favourite flavour. But hey, the sesame one is a lovely discovery!

Anyway, you should really check out the GF7 if you haven't. I never used to be a fan of taking selfies, but with the GF7, I am a total convert. I swear you'll love it too. Read more here!